Meet the Band 

Our Story
AlpenFolk was formed as an Austrian style folk duet in 1987 by Thomas Tilton and Corinne Pflug-Tilton. Now a quartet, Thomas plays the traditional steirische Harmonika, or button accordion, while Cori contributes the lovely ring of the hammered dulcimer. Their son, Peter steals the show with fine guitar work, rhythm instruments and vocals. Completing the ensemble is the talented Robert Baumann on string bass and vocals. The combination of these folk instruments, along with traditional vocals and yodeling, gives AlpenFolk a uniqueness and authenticity rarely enjoyed outside of the alpine regions from which their music is drawn.

The Best Alpine Folk Music This Side of the Alps!

Robert Baumann
Bass, vocals

​Bob, a retired German teacher, is a long-time professional musician. He is extremely well-schooled in bass technique for Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss folk music, and contributes great vocal support - including splendid yodeling - in many AlpenFolk numbers.

Bob is of Austrian descent, speaks fluent German and holds a Masters Degree in Education. When not with AlpenFolk, Bob can be seen and heard playing accordion at various venues in the region or playing jazz in the greater Seattle area.

Peter Pflug-Tilton
Guitar, spoons, vocals
Peter, the youngest AlpenFolk member, has been performing with ApenFolk since age 5, playing spoons, guitar and rhythm instruments, and adding wonderful harmonies to AlpenFolk vocals. 

​Over the years, Peter has become a fine musician and true professional.  In addition to his AlpenFolk appearances, Peter spends much time in the studio with his own band, New Cardinals, whose music can be found on iTunes. Find the New Cardinals on
Cori Pflug-Tilton
​Hammered Dulcimer
Cori is one of the main reasons that AlpenFolk stands out from other alpine bands. Her command of the dulcimer gives the ensemble the unique folk sound so prevalent in "true" Austrian and Bavarian folk music.  

Cori holds a Masters Degree in Education Administration and is an elementary school principal.  Cori is of German descent and speaks German.

Thomas Tilton
​Button Box, zither,
​alphorn, vocals
Thomas, a middle school guidance counselor, is the band's leader. He has a life-long affinity for the language and culture of the alpine region, and holds a Masters Degree in German. His study of Germanics took him to Regensburg, Germany, where he developed his love of "true" alpine music.

He has since collected and arranged hundreds of traditional (and not-so-traditional) pieces and provides AlpenFolk with the material which has made the ensemble so popular.
Thomas plays numerous instruments and is the driving force behind AlpenFolk.